Buy Sultivir – Sultivir from the manufacturer
This dietary supplement is used to protect the liver after antiviral therapy of Hepatitis C. This is an innovative development of the company Sodacsi. Due to our own production facilities, we can offer you an affordable price for all medicines and dietary supplements of the Health Line.

Health Line is a new department of our company, which deals exclusively with the production of various food additives (BADs) and medications.

The effect of the drug:
Reducing blood pressure, reducing blood fat, regulating blood sugar levels in two ways, preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, protects the liver, improves memory, anti-aging and antitumor effect. Protects the liver. Supplements. The product is not intended to treat a disease.

The composition of dietary supplements:
Pseudo-ginseng 515mg
The root of red-rooted salvia 315mg
Hawthorn Fruit 190mg