The Sodacsi Company was founded in 2010, the main goal and mission are to provide quality and highly effective drug for the treatment of hepatitis C. More than 5 years Sodacsi engaged in the production of antiviral drugs in Hong Kong and entered the CIS market in 2014. 2 years Sodacsi has already successfully promoted its products in Russia.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 500 000 000 native speakers and about 500 000 of them die each year due to the effects of this disease. According to Rospotrebnadzor data annually in Russia there are more than 500 thousand patients with chronic viral hepatitis C registered. Since the beginning of reception of this infection (1994) statistics shows an annual increase in the incidence and number of carriers.

In this regard, in the world, there is an enormous need for high quality and effective drugs. The company Sodacsi at the moment is one of the leaders in this direction, releasing a series of products for the treatment of hepatitis C:




Products and production processes comply with the GMP standards. Sodacsi received all the necessary documents certifying the quality and efficiency of products.
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